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GAP  Application

Five (5) Easy Steps How To Open New GAP Account. 

Step 1 : Check Today Price of 1gram at website 

Step 2 :  Make payment to Public Gold Marketing Pte Ltd - DBS Bank Current Account :106-902-589-3 .

You can Bank in the price of 1gm or more gm on-line Bank Transfer or ATM Machine *Snap Shot receipt as Proof of Payment

Step 3 : *Submit your Bank Slip and Particulars - send to Mobile Whatsapp +65 8228 0916 (Public Gold Admin). 

  1.              Your Full Name
  2.              NRIC Number
  3.              Snap Shot NRIC (Front & Back)
  4.              Your Handphone Number and Email
  5.              Indicate "Introducer" PG027857 (Mohd Suliman Hafid)

* This is for New Applicant Only.  

Gold Currency


1.         Gold is a currency that evolved in the marketplace over the last 5,000 years

2.         Gold was the main currency in most of Europe, Asia and the America for more than thousand years ago, till 1971.  Gold evolved independently as money in the world's main civilization.  Apart from being rare, at about 5 parts per billion of the earth's crust, it is also difficult and expensive to mine.

Easy Payment Purchase (EPP)

EPP is another method of outright purchase at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 % .

This program with Shariah Compliance which you can make payment by Installment for a period of 4 months / 10 months (during promotion). Easy Payment Purchase - EPP is designed to the buyer, who want to own gold but unable to pay the amount in one time. The minimum gold price  they can start using EPP is $500 value of product for Singapore.

Three (3) advantages of EPP Public Gold ( PG ) :

  • Outright Purchase by installment is Easy by On-line.
  • Backed by Physical Gold 100% & Shariah Compliance
  • Can withdraw Physical Gold after Full Payment have been made anytime

What is PG Code

PG Code is given FREE lifetime membership to all Gold Savers, Investors and Traders in Public Gold Business. With this PG Code you can log-in into your back office to make a purchase and sell back the physical Gold and Silver Bar, 24 hours and 7 days without hassle. PG Code is one time  application.

One Gold Dinar

How to use PG Code 

Gold is unique compare to other precious metal

Historically, gold is the most likely element to have been used as money.  Gold is rare but can be found on the earth's surface:

  • it's easy to refine and process at low temperature
  • It doesn't tarnish, react, or dissolve and
  • It can't be consumed

It is probable that the most of the gold that has ever been found still with us in some form.