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All Smart Customers and Dealers (Agents) should recieve their PG Code through Email.

PG Code is used to log-in the back office for the following:

  • Make a purchase and sell back the physical Gold and Silver Bar - 24 hours and 7 days .
  • Transfer Money to Your GAP Account (Gold Accumulaltion Program)
  • Make Instalment Purchase - EPP (Easy Payment Purchase)
  • Check Your Account Info, Event, GAP Statement, Order Transaction, Hierarchy and many more.

How to Log in the Back Office with Your PG Code 

Just follow below Three (3) easy steps :

Step 1. Go to Public Gold Website or Click below Link:

Step 2. Use your PG Code as your Username , see below picture:

pg code

On-line Transfer to Your GAP Account (Gold Accumulation Program)

The following Steps apply to Singapore but for Malaysia and Indonesia can use the same methods.

Here are Five (5) Easy Steps How To transfer money to your GAP Account.

Note : Minimum GAP Transfer Fund for:

  • Singapore is Sgd$100
  • Malaysia RM100 and
  • Indonesia Rp 300,000 

 Step 1 : Check Today GAP Price of 1gm at Public Gold Website:

Picture Shows : GAP Price for 1gm is $60

Gold Dealer With The X-Plan

Public Gold provide an easy Trade-in used Gold called The X-Plan.  This X-Plan is to encourage more Gold Enthusiast to save and invest in Gold & Silver, Dinar & Dirham with better profits.

Some Singaporeans think buying a lot of gold jewellery is the same as investing in gold. In particular, buying and gifting gold jewellery has deep cultural roots among Chinese and Indian Singaporeans, who tend to consider it as a sound investment. However, this is a misguided tradition. There is a big difference between investing in gold bullion and gold coins and buying jewellery from a store.

Gold Currency


1.         Gold is a currency that evolved in the marketplace over the last 5,000 years

2.         Gold was the main currency in most of Europe, Asia and the America for more than thousand years ago, till 1971.  Gold evolved independently as money in the world's main civilization.  Apart from being rare, at about 5 parts per billion of the earth's crust, it is also difficult and expensive to mine.

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