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1st Gold Mega Seminar (GMS) in Singapore 

Another achievement by Public Gold Singapore the very first time held a Mega Seminar outside Public Gold Singapore Branch.

Location : The Verge Level 7, Serangoon Road
Date : 29 Aug 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm - 5pm

Attendance was very encouraging and Congratulate to all Winner of lucky draw 10gm and 1gm. Public Gold make another history with this Mega Seminar. Gold rush and fire sales also was conducted during the Mega Seminar.

Looking forward to see bigger size of bar for Lucky draw and bigger crowd. 

Congratulation to Lucky Draw Winner

Gold Mega Seminar in Singapore  19th Sep 2015 @ The Verge, Singapore

Congratulate Lucky draw winner and official speaker Mr. Mohamad Ansaari with great and successful Sharing

Mega Seminar Sep 15

Partnership with Pos ArRahnu.

Pos ArRahnu ventures into gold trading business by partnering with Public Gold Group. Ceremony was held at Public Gold Global Business Centre (HQ), Penang Malaysia

Ar Rahnu 7

Gold Mega Seminar in Singapore  31 Oct 2015 @ Income @ Prinsep Building, Singapore

Congratulate Pn. Azizah for the great Sharing and new gold journey at the Mega Seminar. Thank you !!!

Seminar 31b