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Golden Opportunity

Public Gold offers the Best Platform for you to generate Passive Income with Dealership Program.

There are (3) Categories of Dealership or Agent and Commission you can get at Public Gold such as :

  •  Dealer - 1% 
  •  Priority Dealer - 1.5% 
  •  Master Dealer - 2% 

Gold Savings Program.

Gold Accumulation Program ( GAP ) is a method of long term gold saving plan at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 % . Now you can start accumulate your Gold Bullion as low as 1gm every month. It is the easiest method of Gold Saving Program at the moment.

Three (3) advantages of Gold Accumulation Program - GAP as follows :

  1. You can exchange Your Money into Gold at that time.
  2. You buy Gold at Low Price .
  3. You buy Gold on-line without the need to go to the Gold Shop.

Gold vs Money


There really are numerous benefits of owning physical gold. In these uncertain economic times of banking instability, low interest rates, under performing currency markets, volatile stocks and repeated rounds of printing money, gold offers a welcome safeguard to the turbulence.

However not any form of gold, but physical gold. Physical gold is a timeless asset which will always have a value and always lasts the test of time.

Ten (10) Years Gold Price increase by 233% which one of the reasons why you must keep Gold for your long term investment.

Buy and Sell Gold Bullion On-line.

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On-line Transfer to Your GAP Account (Gold Accumulation Program)

The following Steps apply to Singapore but for Malaysia and Indonesia can use the same methods.

Here are Five (5) Easy Steps How To transfer money to your GAP Account.

Note : Minimum GAP Transfer Fund for:

  • Singapore is Sgd$100
  • Malaysia RM100 and
  • Indonesia Rp 300,000 

 Step 1 : Check Today GAP Price of 1gm at Public Gold Website:

Picture Shows : GAP Price for 1gm is $60