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Self Collected at Tampines or Woodlands

(Note : Read Procedure at the Bottom)


Pre-Order - Coming Soon !!! Special Hari Raya 2017

Code W1010
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Hari Raya  $70.00


Code W0001
 1/2g Fine Gold (999.9) - Hari Raya  $40.00

Code W0002
 1/2g Fine Gold (999.9) -  Museum  S$38.00



Code W0003
 1/2g Fine Gold (999.9) - Cat S$38.00



Code W0004
 1/2g Fine Gold (999.9) - Bicycle S$38.00


Code W0005
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Classic  S$70.00



Code W0006
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - New Born Best Offer



Code W1006
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - New Born S$70.00



Code W0007
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Wedding  Best Offer



Code W1007
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Wedding (New) S$70.00



Code W0008
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Birthday Best Offer



Code W1008
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Birthday S$70.00



Code W0009   
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Your Lover Best Offer



Code W0010   
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Hari Raya Best Offer



Code W0011
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Monkey  Best Offer



Code W1011
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Rooster  S$70.00



Code W0012
 1g Fine Gold (999.9) - Prosperity  Best Offer


0.5 dinar coins     

Code W0013  
 1/2 Dinar 2.125g Fine Gold (999.9) S$150.00



Code W0014
 5g Fine Gold (999.9) - Classic S$350.00



Code W0015

 10 Dirham Fine Silver (999.9)  S$50.00


Self Collected Procedure 

Three (3) Easy Steps to Purchase Gold Souvenirs.

Step 1 : Know the Code No, Quantity & Price of the Product. 

Step 2 : SMS/WhatsApp +65 9224 6333 after order has been made.

Step 3 : Product can be self-collected at Blk 824 Tampines Street 81 or Woodlands Circle. Please indicate day and time to collect.  $10 for Home Delivery Charge.

Note :  Any query Please do not hesitate to SMS/WhatsApp.+65 9224 6333 MOHD SULIMAN HAFID (PG027857)