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Easy Payment Purchase (EPP)

EPP is another method of outright purchase at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 % .

This program with Shariah Compliance which you can make payment by Installment for a period of 4 months / 10 months (during promotion). Easy Payment Purchase - EPP is designed to the buyer, who want to own gold but unable to pay the amount in one time. The minimum gold price  they can start using EPP is $500 value of product for Singapore.

Three (3) advantages of EPP Public Gold ( PG ) :

  • Outright Purchase by installment is Easy by On-line.
  • Backed by Physical Gold 100% & Shariah Compliance
  • Can withdraw Physical Gold after Full Payment have been made anytime

 How to Buy by Easy Payment Purchase (EPP) On-line

Six (6) Easy Step Easy Payment Purchase (EPP).

Step 1 : login into Public Gold website or Just Click the Link below then enter your username and password 

>>> (for Singaporean)  

>>>   (for Malaysian)

>>>  (for Indonesia)

Step 2 : Click "Order" then Click "Purchase Order"

Step 3 : Select Item to buy Click “Add to cart” then Click "Cart"

Step 4 : At My Shopping Cart Click “Proceed to Next Page”

Step 5 : Select “Branch” & “Payment Option”

Step 6 : “Check EPP Package then Click “Agree” & “Proceed to Payment” 

 You can download the Six (6) Easy Step in pdf format Here 

Watch Below Short Video - 6 Easy Step To Order Thru EPP - Easy Payment Purchase


Important Info :

Singapore - Public Gold DBS Bank Current Account : 106-902-589-3 

Malaysia - Public Gold Maybank : 5571 3923 8048 | Public Bank :  3167-52-0833

Tips : The Gold market is unique and volatile therefore start as a Gold Saver which is the most Risk FREE Gold Investment. Consistently accumulate your Physical Gold.