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Four (4) Easy Steps to Sign-Up.

If you need my further guidance and assistance in Gold Investment. Place my PG Code and Name as your introducer :
PG 027857 - MOHD SULIMAN HAFID  Click your country or nearest country you can collect the Gold Bar :


Step 1 & Step 2 - Click "Log-in" and then Click "Register Account"

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Step 3.  Fill in your particular details :

For Singapore and Indonesia select Passport No / Foreign ID then enter your NRIC No or KTP
Fill up Intorducer PG 027857MOHD SULIMAN HAFID 

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Step 4.  Please check your email, you should receive your temporary PG Code and Password to enter your back office.

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To Download How to Sign Up PG Code on  Pdf format Click Here  

** Note:

If you're ready to order the 'Gold Bar', 'Silver Bar', Dinar and Dirham, login Public Gold Website for your country or nearest country you can collect.

Than key-in:
Usename: PG Code and
Password: xxxxxxx 

If you need help and any furher enqueries, please do not hesitate to contact me the undersigned:

Master Dealer for Singapore
SMS/WhatsApp +65 9224 6333 (Spore) +6 016 6825 003 (M'sia)
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