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Get your Customer No / PG Code for FREE TODAY! There is no additional fee and it is lifetime membership.

When you have completed the registration, You will get the Customer No/PG Code in order for you to log-in the back office for the followings:

  1. Buy and Sell Gold & Silver and Dinar & Dirham 24/7 online booking without hassle.
  2. Start your Gold Saving Program with GAP Account.
  3. Buy Gold by instalment with Easy Payment Purchase - EPP 

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To get your Customer No/PG Code please watch attached short video above. The video shows

  • Step 1 : How to register FREE account and
  • Step 2 : How to buy Gold, Silver, Dinar & Diham online.


If you need my further guidance and assistance in physical Gold Investment. Place my PG Code and Name as your introducer :

Make sure you finish watching the video before fill-up the registration form. To make it simple I have created the link below for you to Sign-up Click "the link Now"

**Step 1 : How to register FREE account 

Select Passport No/Foreign ID then enter your NRIC No or KTP (Unless Malaysian select IC No)
Fill up Intorducer as PG 027857MOHD SULIMAN HAFID if you need my further guidance on Physical Gold Investment.

** Step 2 : How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion, Dinar and Dirham.

To buy Gold and Silver just login at Public Gold Website (below) and then key-in your Customer No/PG Code and Password.

If you need help and any furher enqueries, please do not hesitate to contact me the undersigned:

Master Dealer for Singapore
SMS/WhatsApp +65 9224 6333 (Spore) +6 016 6825 003 (M'sia)
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