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Buy Dinar and Dirham in Singapore

The History of Dinar and Dirham

In the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the currency of the Arabs was the Dinar and Dirham and this currency lasted in its original precious metal form until the fall of the Ottoman Empire after World War I (191os), but many Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, Qatar, Libya and Iraq still use the names to refer to their non-precious metal currencies. The word ‘dirham’ is derived from the name of a Greek coin, the Drachma, which was used by the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire that controlled the Levant and traded with Arabia.

Dinar in Singapore

The first dinars and dirhams minted by Muslims was during the Khalifate of Uthman bin Affaan, wherein the coins differed from the original ones in circulation by the Arabic inscription of “in the Name of Allaah” on the obverse margins.

During the Khalifate of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, the coin standard was introduced so that the weight of 10 dirhams was equivalent to 7 dinars (1 mithqal).

You can Read more article about Dinar and Dirham at Sunnah Money webpage.

The Islamic Dinar Coins has a specific weight of 4.25 grams for 1 Dinar. Dinar Coins can be used to Pay Zakat (Tithe), Dowry and Dinar and Dirham is real currency as required by Islamic Law as it is a legitimate medium of exchange.

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