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GAP  - Gold Accumulation Program ( Long-Term Savings Plan)

So you're ready to Start the Gold Saving Program just follow the Step below :

The following Steps apply to Singapore but for Malaysia and Indonesia can use the same methods.

Here are Five (5) Easy Steps How To Open New GAP Account. 

Note : Minimum GAP Transfer Fund for:

  • Singapore is 1gm Price of Gold
  • Malaysia RM100 and
  • Indonesia Rp 300,000



Step 1 : Check Today GAP Price of 1gm at Public Gold Website below:

Picture : Shows the GAP Price is $63 per gram


Step 2 : Make payment to:

  • Singapore : Public Gold Marketing Pte Ltd - DBS Bank Current Account : 106-902-589-3 
  • Malaysia : Public Gold Marketing Sdn Bhd - Maybank : 5571 3923 8048 | Public Bank : 3167-52-0833 
  • Indonesia : PT. Dagang Emas Mulia - BCA No Rekening - 5425 1229 99 | Bank Mandiri  : 124-00-0766543-4

You can Bank in the price of 1gm or more gm through on-line Bank Transfer or ATM Machine

Note *Please Snap Shot the receipt as Proof of Payment and keep the receipt for future reference


Step 3A : If You don't have PG Code.  

(What is PG Code? CLICK HERE )

*Submit your Proof of Payment (screen shot) together with your particular details below: 

  1.              Your Full Name
  2.              NRIC Number | KTP
  3.              Snap Shot NRIC (Front & Back)
  4.              Your Handphone Number and Email
  5.              Indicate "Introducer" Mohd Suliman Hafid - PG027857 if you need my guidance in Gold Investment.
  • Singapore: +65 9 6635 916 (WhatsApp)
  • Malaysia : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Email) or Contact nearest Public Gold Branch
  • Indonesia : +62 8111 719 916 (WhatsApp) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Email)



Step 3B: If You already have PG Code

Just Submit Your Name and PG Code only.


Step 4 : Your New application will be processed within 48 hours.  

Public Gold Admin will send notification through your email or your mobile phone.

Make it a habits to accumulate your gold savings every month. Try to put away 10–15 percent of your income as savings. If your expenses are so high that you can’t save that much, it might be time to cut back. To do so, identify non-essentials that you can spend less on, such as entertainment and dining out.

If you have any query please contact Public Gold Admin or My Mobile whatsapp +65 9224 6333 MOHD SULIMAN HAFID-PG027857

  • Singapore: +65 9 6635 916
  • Malaysia : Contact Nearest Branch
  • Indonesia : +62 8111 719 916

Step 5 : Check Your GAP Statement Account,

Log in to Public Gold Website below:

Then Click MY GAP

Then Click Statement 

Below is Example of GAP Statement Account.


To stay active - your GAP account must have at least 1gram remain in the account.  This 1 gram can be withdrawn if you wanted to close the account.

You can withdraw in the form of Physical Gold from 1gm to 1kg or 1/2 Gold Dinar to 10 Gold Dinar at any Public Gold Branches in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia at anytime during office hour.  

Tips: Start your long-term Saving Plan with GAP Account Today! 

Any query, please do not hesitate to SMS/WhatsApp +65 9224 6333 . Thank You

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Gold Savings Program.

Gold Accumulation Program ( GAP ) is a method of long term savings plan at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 %. Now you can start accumulate your Gold Bullion as low as 1gm every month. It is the easiest method of Gold Saving Program at the moment.

Three (3) advantages of Gold Accumulation Program - GAP as follows :

  1. You can exchange Your Money into Gold at that time.
  2. You buy Gold at Low Price .
  3. You buy Gold on-line without the need to go to the Gold Shop.

How to Buy Gold and Silver Bar at Public Gold

Public Gold provides the best way for you to buy and sell Gold & Silver Bar, Dinar and Dirhams.

You can choose which of the following easiest method:

  1. Buy and Sell over the counter at Public Gold Branch Office.
  2. Buy online 24 hours / 7 days hassle FREE.
  3. Buy Easy Payment Installment - EPP
  4. Gold Accumulation Program Account.

Method #1 -  Buy at Public Gold Branch Office.

Select your prefer Public Gold Branch office located at:

Make a payment and get 'Ready Stock' Gold, Silver, Dinar and Dirham at the branch. For new person please get your PG Code there for your second and subsequent purchases later.

Investing in gold is a safe way of securing your savings with almost a guarantee of making a profit if you know the right strategy. Here are 7 steps to follow before you can start investing in Gold.

Step #1. Goal.

You must know the real purpose and intention why you want to hold Gold for your investment? There are 3 catagories of people in Gold Investment :

  1. To consider Gold as your saving porfolio be a Gold Saver
  2. To earn profit from trading of gold be a Gold Investor
  3. To create passive income be a Gold Dealer.

I started my gold investment as a Gold Saver. My main goal of holding Gold is to build my saving portfolio. I will only use my investment in the following events:

  1. During Emergency when it is really needed.  
  2. As Capital Roll-up Business.
  3. When there is an Opportunity of buying valuable asset such as house, land when the price is low.
  4. When reaching my saving target, enough for children university education or to perform haj / umrah.

Bear in mind the 3 types of catagories (Gold Saver, Gold Investor, Gold Dealer) have different mindset and stratergy.

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