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The Question that always asked to those who are looking for a way in investing Gold & Silver are no different from before, and the answers are also the same. Consistent traders who avoids the hype and use disciplined approach to the market with a focus on reducing costs will be most successful.

One Gold Dinar is a Platform that gives you more Information and Tips on how easy to start investing in Gold & Silver. We are not only provide a transparent Gold Price 24 hours and 7 days a week where you can buy and sell Physical Gold and Silver on-line at Market Price without hassle but also we show you how to diversify your portfolio using gold and silver as a key asset, build your own wealth and at the same time manage your asset with Physical Gold and Silver, Dinar and Dirham.

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Gold Dealer With The X-Plan

Public Gold provide an easy Trade-in used Gold called The X-Plan.  This X-Plan is to encourage more Gold Enthusiast to save and invest in Gold & Silver, Dinar & Dirham with better profits.

Some Singaporeans think buying a lot of gold jewellery is the same as investing in gold. In particular, buying and gifting gold jewellery has deep cultural roots among Chinese and Indian Singaporeans, who tend to consider it as a sound investment. However, this is a misguided tradition. There is a big difference between investing in gold bullion and gold coins and buying jewellery from a store.

Dinar & Dirham Coins

In the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the currency of the Arabs was the Dinar and Dirham and this currency lasted in its original precious metal form until the fall of the Ottoman Empire after World War I (1910s), but many Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, Qatar, Libya and Iraq still use the names to refer to their non-precious metal currencies. The word ‘dirham’ is derived from the name of a Greek coin, the Drachma, which was used by the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire that controlled the Levant and traded with Arabia.

Gold Beats Inflation

Gold has proved itself time and again to be the perfect hedge for inflation. But to look at it as a hedge avenue, Many are yet to consider this market actively as the purchases continue to be dominated by jewellery.

Gold only beats inflation. It fares poorly when compared to real estate or shares when compared on the basis of real inflation adjusted returns.

Any Serious Investor, however, is advised to have a certain percentage of investment in physical gold. Experts said You should keep Gold 20% to 50% as Your Asset.

Five (5) reasons why investor should hold gold?