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Open Gold Accumulation Program - GAP Gold Savings Account?

If You are ready to turn your savings into Gold, here are Six (6) Easy Steps:

Step #1 - Fill in the following information below

then submit by Whatsapp to Public Gold Spore-JB Admin WA +60 12-430 8916 (Msia)


Registration Form

  Email :   
  Contact No. :   
  IC No. :   
  Passport No. : NA  
  Foreign ID. : NA   
  Company ROC : NA  
  DOB :   
  Race :   
  Nationality :   
  Occupation :   
  Address :   
  Banker Name :   
  Bank Account No. :   
  Purchase Amount :  
  Introducer Name & PG Code : Mohd Suliman Hafid PG027857

**Write down my name and PG Code as your introducer, if you need my further assistance and guidance on Gold Investment and please inform me WA +65 9224 6333 

Step #2
 - Make payment to Public Gold - MayBank Malaysia

Check the GAP price at Public Gold website click here >>> (S’pore) / (M’sia).

GAP Price

Picture: GAP Price as of 10-02-2020 = MYR 219 for 1 gram


Click DBS Remit and Overseas Transfer  

Select the amount to transfer i.e below shows MYR219 for 1 gram*


STEP #3 - Verify Account
STEP #4 - Enter Recipient Address


Recipient Name : Public Gold Marketing

Recipent Address: Plot 21 Technoplex,
Medan Bayan Lepas, phase IV
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Recipinet Bank: MAYBANK
Recipient Account No: 557139238048
Purpose of Remittance : Personal Transfer


Step #5 - Sceenshot Bank in Slip as future reference 


** Step #6 - Sceenshot DBS Malaysia Remit (please check your email) and Submit to Public Gold Spore-JB Admin 


Important Note **Screenshot DBS Malaysia Remit (You will receive from your email) and submit to Public Gold Admin Spore/JB WA +60 12-430 8916 (Msia)

Your GAP application will be processed within 48 Hours. You will be informed through your email about the successful of your application. To see your GAP statement log in to public gold website below:  (for Singapore) (for Malaysia) (for Indonesia) 

If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding Gold Investment. Please do not hesitate to contact me on the undersigned.

Master Dealer for Singapore
SMS/WhatsApp +65 9224 6333 (Spore) +6 016 6825 003 (M'sia)
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5 Gram Gold Bar 999.9 24K LBMA - Public Gold (Nadir)



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