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The Question that always asked to those who are looking for a way in investing Gold & Silver are no different from before, and the answers are also the same. Consistent traders who avoids the hype and use disciplined approach to the market with a focus on reducing costs will be most successful.

One Gold Dinar is a Platform that gives you more Information and Tips on how easy to start investing in Gold & Silver. We are not only provide a transparent Gold Price 24 hours and 7 days a week where you can buy and sell Physical Gold and Silver on-line at Market Price without hassle but also we show you how to diversify your portfolio using gold and silver as a key asset, build your own wealth and at the same time manage your asset with Physical Gold and Silver, Dinar and Dirham.

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The Good News is GST on the import and export of precious metal was lifted on Oct 2012 in Singapore.

It is expected local demand for Physical Gold to increase by about 10% due to pent-up demand. It is also expects increased demand from overseas customers who want to buy gold and store gold in Singapore.

This is the most Risk-Free form of investing in gold as investor can actually hold the bars.

Gold traders have unprecedented access to investment products that are both cheap and efficient. A Gold Enthusiast must be knowledgeable "How to become a Smart "Gold Bull" for more profits and less risk. "The only way to reduce your investment risk is to increase your knowledge" said Grant Cardone

Our Gold & Silver Bullion, Dinar and Dirham comes with LBMA accredited Nadir Metal Refinery which Exempted from GST.

Gold is among the best investments for both long and short-term goal. Demand for gold as an investment is growing within market, where investors are seeking protection from financial market disruptions and where Gold as a way to hedge against out-of-control inflation.

One might think to start savings in Gold and Silver Bullion need a lot of Money.  We have solutions for you, the easy way to get started investing in Gold as low as 1gm every month which is less than Sgd $100.

The Gold market is extremely flexible and liquid, and it is reasonable that you can design and execute investing strategies that meet your risk tolerance and investing objectives.

The Gold market is unique and volatile therefore start as a Gold Saver which is the most Risk FREE Gold Investment.  Consistently accumulate your Physical Gold & Silver every month and whenever have extra money. The good news you can do it on-line 24 hours 7 days and collect your accumulated Gold & Silver anytime during office hour.

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