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New Dinar


One Gold Dinar
Code W0013 S$190.00
1/2 Dinar 2.125g Fine Gold (999.9)

One Gold Dinar
Code W0020  $320
 1 Dinar 4.25g Fine Gold (999.9)


One Gold Dinar
Code W0021 $1600
 5 Dinar 21.25g Fine Gold (999.9)

One Gold Dinar
 Code W0022  $3200
10 Dinar 42.50g Fine Gold (999.9)

One Gold Dinar
Code W0023 S$58.00
10 Dirham 29.75g Fine Silver (999.9) Non LBMA

One Gold Dinar
Code W0015 S$58.00
10 Dirham 29.75g Fine Silver (999.9) 

One Gold Dinar
Code D501S$35.00
 5 Dirham 14.875g Fine Silver (999.9) - Muharram

One Gold Dinar
Code D502 S$35.00
 5 Dirham 14.875g Fine Silver (999.9) Rabiulawal

Code D503 S$35.00
5 Dirham 14.875g Fine Silver (999.9) Safar


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Grand Event - Mega Seminar (BTC 2) 2018

Seminar Suntec City

Topic : "Gold Your Ultimate Wealth Protector" - Mega Gold Seminar

Mega Gold Seminar was held recently which we gather 2 Top speakers from Malaysia and 1 from Singapore in Gold Industry.

Free Gold Seminar Singapore

Venue: Suntec International Convention Centre (Room308) ,1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore
Date : 28 Jul 2018 (Sat) Time: 10:00am-1:00pm
Free Admission

Three (3) Topics have been discussed during the Mega Gold Seminar such as:
 - First, "The Beauty of Gold" by MD Syukor Hashim
 - Second, "Why Singaporean should be savings in Gold" by MD Mohd Suliman
 - Third "How to avoid the get rich quick scheme" by MD Mama Azizah

Seminar MC was conducted by MD Zaidi Md Jizan 

The seminar include Lucky Draw Gold Bar & Fire Sale and offer to those who want to become gold dealer in Singapore.  

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Gold Price

Gold Price : Gold Bar, Silver Bar, Dinar Gold Coins, Dirham Silver Coins


Golden Opportunity

Public Gold offers the best platform for you to generate Passive Income with Dealership Program. There are 3 types of commission can be made at Public Gold such as:

  • Commission from Selling and Buying Gold and Silver Bar.
  • Selling Aurora Jewellery and 
  • Pg Mall Commission

Below are (3) Categories of Dealership and Commission you can get at Public Gold :

  •  Normal Dealer - 1% 
  •  Priority Dealer - 1.5% 
  •  Master Dealer - 2% 

If you're serious in Public Gold business here are several benefits for you to achive:

  1. Commission 1% for Your Next Purchase
  2. Referrer Commission 1% when introduce New Dealer and Recurring Commission 0.15%
  3. Recurring Commission 1% each time your Customer make a purchase
  4. Sell back Rebate 0.3% 
  5. Retail - Sales Profits 6% - 8%
  6. Q-Bonus (Quarterly Bonus)
  7. Car Fund Incentive
  8. House Fund Incentive
  9. SIP - Sales Incentive Program

Below are Testimony achievers during the recognition Nite. 

Picture : Mr Mohd Zulkifli Shafie - Master Dealer with the Car Fund Incentive

Picture : Mama Azizah Hassan Master Dealer recieving the Car Fund Incentive

Picture :  Achievers Sales Icentive Program Bonus to Spain in 2017

How to begin with Public Gold Business? If you're interested to have the above incentive you can begin with Normal Dealer or Priority Dealer. Then start recruiting more customers and dealers under your line.  Educate them as a Gold Saver. Below are procedure to become Normal Dealer and Prority Dealer.

1. Normal Dealer 

3 Way to become Dealer in Public Gold

  1. Make a Single Purchase of 100gm Value of Gold you can mix the Phyisical Gold such as 10gm, 20gm, 50gm, Silver Bar, Dinar and Dirham
  2. Participate - Gold Accumulation Program GAP with 8K Accumulation of Gold
  3. Trade-in used Gold called The X-Plan.  Total Accumulation 100gm

100g Gold Bar 999.9 LBMA

Picture : 100gm Gold Bar  999.9 24K LBMA

2. Priority Dealer Status

  1. Make a Single Purchase of 250g Value of Gold 
  2. Participate GAP with 50K Purchase of Gold to be a Priority
  3. Trade-in used Gold called The X-Plan.  Total Accumulation 250gm

Picture : 250gm Gold Bar  999.9 24K LBMA 


Public Gold Business Now, is strongly growing. We started our business from Malaysia, then expand to Singapore, then Indonesia and our next country will be Brunei Darussalam, Philippines and others.

We are looking for more Dealers to grow the Gold Business with us. If you stay at the above country, You could be the one that we're looking for. Be the first to explore this business and start make money Now!!!

If you are serious in Gold & Silver Business and Interested to create Passive Income from Gold Investment and Savings please do not hesitate to Contact the undersigned

Master Dealer for Singapore
SMS/WhatsApp +65 9224 6333 (Spore) +6 016 6825 003 (M'sia)
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