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Be a Gold Dealer With The X-Plan

Public Gold gives an opportunity for you to become a Gold Dealer by exchange or Trade-in used Gold such as Jewellery 916 into Public Gold 100 gram Gold Bar

Gold Dealer will get 1% incentive for his next purchase on Gold and Silver Bullion, also 1% Referrer Fee for introducing New Customers under his network.  The more customers he refers the more referrer fee and thus create his passive income.

Some Singaporeans think buying a lot of gold jewellery is the same as investing in gold. In particular, buying and gifting gold jewellery has deep cultural roots among Chinese and Indian Singaporeans, who tend to consider it as a sound investment. However, this is a misguided tradition. There is a big difference between investing in gold bullion and gold coins and buying jewellery from a store.

In fact, many women have received unpleasant surprises when trying to sell their jewellery at a gold price peak, only to break even. You can Read More Info CLICK HERE

To become Gold Dealer in Public Gold is just exchange your used Gold jewellery 916  to 100 gm Gold Bullion with 999.9 24K and then you can Start  create your passive Income by following Public Gold educational System.

There are many benefits you can get being a  Public Gold Dealer to know more CLICK HERE Now.

PIcture : 100gm Gold Bar For X-Plan

Public Gold not only selling and buying physical gold, in fact Public Gold educate and show the correct way of investing in Gold and Silver Bullion.  That is why we're much encorage those interested in gold investment to get more knowledge by attending our FREE Gold Seminar and also read more Books in Investment and Financial. You can always check our seminar schedule in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.

If you like to know the secrets in creating wealth and manage your asset in Gold & Silver and at the same time want to make profits. Do Join us. Book your seat TODAY !!!



5 Gram Gold Bar 999.9 24K LBMA - Public Gold (Nadir)



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