What are the benefits of saving gold?

When I recommend Saving Gold Now to friends and relatives among the questions that arise. What is the benefit of saving in gold?

There are 2 (two) benefits or profits obtained when we use gold as savings. Save gold, means the Money does not leak and the Wealth is always with us when Collecting Gold.

1. Paper money is easy to spend correct?

I think many people agree with the statement above. If I gave you $300 Singapore dollars, how long would it take you to spend that amount of money? Just for a moment, Go to Bazzar Geylang Serai... Shopping for Food, then shopping... buy clothes, buy pants, buy shoes, etc. One hour the money is gone.

2. Why is it hard to save money?

We have been programmed with the habit of getting money and going shopping. When we were in school, we were provided with snack money every day. Since childhood, we know money to spend. This is repeated every day from elementary school to high school. 10-11 years!

Things that are repeated over time become HABITS. The habit of getting money, then spending it - VERY DANGEROUS. That habit eventually sticks until we grow up. When you work, you get a salary and know that you get money every month. We started planning every month what to spend with that money. Sometimes you are willing to go into debt first to get the things you want. Because we know at the end of next month we will get another salary (money)

Human habits with money = Spending and spending. Finally, you find out, it's tough to save money and it's fun not having enough money. That's right.

3. Why Save Consistently?

How many people can save money when they get paid? Most people find it hard to save money. Because the habit of saving does not exist. Many people don't know where their money goes. This means that if this practice continues you will become a poor person. Afraid that it will be difficult to go to Umrah later. It is difficult for children to go to university. Because there is no savings.

4. How to Overcome the Problem of "Hard to Save Money?"

If you have trouble saving money, the solution is with Gold. Convert savings into gold. That is the right way to Convert Money to Gold.

Human nature with gold is to save. See the picture of a 5-gram gold bar worth $300 and a banknote also worth $300. Ask yourself and answer honestly. If there is 5 grams of gold, If you have $300 in cash. The most logical answer is. Gold 5 grams = Keep it well, don't lose it, don't tell people.

Cash $300 = buy clothes, pants, shoes, spend for girlfriend, shop for family, car accessories, dishes, water filters... Most of the answers are in the form of spending the money.

5. Human Nature With Gold.

Human nature with gold usually wants to keep it well so that it doesn't get lost. This means that when you change money into gold, the desire to spend is no longer there. So the most basic knowledge of gold "Why save in gold? "is Gold is a way to overcome money leakage Gold causes wealth to stick to you.

People who know the knowledge of gold, their finances will be better 6. Do your own 'Experiment'. Don't easily believe what I say, you can try to do an 'experiment' yourself. Try buying a 5-gram piece of gold worth $300 and putting it in your wallet. Look, is the gold still available at the end of this year? Gold willing, you can't spend the gold, and the $300 in gold won't leak forever... But... you wouldn't want to save 5 grams, would you? Slowly add 10gm, 20gm, 50gm, 100gm, and so on, or add it in the form of Gold Dinars. 1 Dinar, 5 Dinar, 10 Dinar.

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Mohd Suliman Hafid
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