How to buy the Outright Purchase.

a. Make payment Directly online
b. EPP - Easy Payment  Purchase make payment for 6/10 months.

1. Physical Outright Purchase (POP) is a buying gold.

Make payment online, and bring it back.

Method 1:

Please see the price of gold by clicking this link.

How to install the application Public Gold:

Install apps (Android):

Install apps (iPhone):

Enter Username (PG Code) & Password remain the same IC without a dash.


+ premium gold on the Public Gold website, then 'lock the price'.

What is premium gold? look at the picture.


Current gold price + Gold premium = Net price

Then make payment and collect gold at the Branch or GIT - Gold in transit if the weight is more than 5 Dinar.

Make sure stock is available to pick up. You need to make an appointment before going to the branch to collect your gold.

2. What is EPP- Easy Payment Purchase?

EPP is a method of buying gold with payment in either 6 months or 10 months (EPP 10X if there is a promotion).

Method 2:

Current gold price lock + gold premium and EPP premium (please refer to the gold/EPP premium table)

Then Public Gold will provide a monthly payment schedule for 6 months (EPP6X) or 10 months (EPP10X).

Every month you need to make a payment and upload the receipt to Public Gold as proof of payment.

After all payments have been made you can make an appointment to pick up your gold at the Public Gold branch. If you complete all payments early, you can collect them early.

Please make an appointment before going to the Public Gold Branch and make sure the gold is there.

The advantage of this EPP method is that you don't have to worry about any changes in the price of gold during 6 months or 10 months. You only pay the price you have locked earlier.

For clarity please see the video below.

If you want to register click the link below

EPP is another method of the outright purchase of Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100 %.

This program with Shariah Compliance, in which you can make payment for 6 months / 10 months (during promotion).

Easy Payment Purchase - EPP is designed for the buyer, who wants to own gold but cannot pay the amount at one time. The minimum gold price they can start using EPP is 1 Dinar and above.

Three (3) advantages of EPP Public Gold 

  • Outright Purchase by installment is Easy Online.
  • Backed by Physical Gold 100% & Shariah Compliance
  • Can withdraw Physical Gold after Full Payment has been made anytime

Picture: Gold Bar 10gm to 100gm

With EPP - Easy Payment Purchase, everyone can hold gold as an Asset and long-term Investment. 

Tips: The gold market is unique and volatile therefore start as a Gold Saver which is the most Risk-FREE Gold Investment. Start consistently accumulating your Physical Gold today!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned:

Mohd Suliman Hafid (PG027857)
Star Master Dealer Public Gold

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