#1. Why Become a Dealer?

If you intend to invest in gold for a long period, you should be a Gold Dealer at Public Gold. You can choose

to be a Normal Dealer or a Priority Dealer. By capitalizing the purchase of 100 grams of physical gold you are eligible

to become a Gold Dealer recognized by the Public Gold Company. During the Public Gold Seminar, there will often

be promotions for those who want to become Dealers and Priority Dealers. If you have a large capital I recommend

that you choose Priority Dealer because the incentive paid to Priority Dealer is bigger than Normal Dealer. 

#2. There are (4) four status categories at Public Gold

1. Master Dealer
2. Priority Dealer
3. Normal Dealer
4. Normal Customer

Today we want to share the advantages of becoming a Public Gold gold dealer.

Public Gold dealers get purchase incentives ranging from 1% to 2% for all products at Public Gold and also at PG Mall according to your status.

Here are 8 types of incentives that you can get when becoming a Dealer.
✅ Purchase Incentive (Personal Incentive) 1% -2%
✅ Customer Purchase Incentive (Referral Incentive) 1% -2%
✅ Sellback Incentive 0.3%
✅ Overriding Incentive (Overriding Incentive)
✅ Supervisory Incentive (Supervisory Incentive)
✅ Group Incentive (Group Incentive)
✅ Purchase incentives at PG Mall
✅ Holiday Incentive (Sales Incentive Leadership)

En. Syukor Hashim, my gold mentor, advised that if you want to invest in gold for the long term, it is better to be a dealer than a normal customer.

Because the 1% - 2% incentive if accumulated can be a very big sum of money in the long run.

Most gold investors choose to become Public Gold dealers to get this incentive.

Dealers also get a sell-back incentive of 0.3% of the gold value.

The good thing the dealer gets a commission of 1% - 2% from your customer's purchase.

This means, that as long as your customers buying, you will get a commission (incentive) on their purchases.

Note: Public Gold savers and investors have the opportunity to earn passive income by becoming a Gold Dealer.

If you're interested to know more, please watch the video below:

To start saving and investing in Gold, register for FREE, click the link below:

After registering, You will be Guided to the correct, accurate, and safe ways of saving and investing in gold.

#3. Training and Support.

Public Gold Company is very committed to all Gold Dealers who are serious about making Gold their business.
Therefore various trainings and support have been arranged for Gold Dealers to succeed in the gold business and build their business empire.  
For gold dealers who want to create passive income, I recommend that you follow the program compiled by Team PG1M as below:

✅ New Dealer Orientation – NDO every beginning of the month
✅ JutawanEmas Road Map Program – JRP PG Business School every Monday
✅ Training Class every Wednesday and
✅ Gold Seminar that we often organize Some of the events above are FREE and some are charged a very minimal fee.

Here are the NDO - New Dealer Orientation topics that you need to know as a New Gold Dealer:
✅ Introduction to Public Gold
✅ Dealership Public Gold Why Public Gold
✅ Benefits of Becoming a Public Gold Gold Dealer
✅ How to Start a Gold Business Conclusion and Other Things

#4. How to Register NDO?

For new Gold Dealers, we will often organize NDO - New Dealer Orientation every first week at the beginning of the month.

You can see the NDO schedule by following the FB OneGoldDinar Click Here.

We only take 30 participants for each NDO which will come first. You can WhatsApp directly via this mobile +6592246333 (S'pore) for registration. Would also like to be informed that this NDO - New Dealer Orientation is for those who already have a PG Code and have become a Public Gold Gold Dealer, whether old or new.

#5. Special offer!

Among the special offers when you attend NDO - New Dealer Orientation is that you have the opportunity to upgrade from Customer to New Dealer and Priority Dealer.

You also have the opportunity to buy physical gold with a cheap 'Fire Sale' offer. If you are serious about making gold a business and earning passive income every month and if you need guidance in the right, accurate, and safe gold investment, you can contact me now!

As a Gold Dealer under my auspices, you will be given guidance on the right way to invest in physical gold, I will also provide the latest information, gold tips, Seminar activities, Workshops, Training, and others.

I want you to achieve financial freedom and strengthen the economy with gold for yourself and your family. For those of you who want to attend the FREE Gold Seminar in Singapore Click Here or if you want to know more about gold investment you can contact me at the name below.

Thank You.

Mohd Suliman Hafid
Star Master Dealer Public Gold
Bio: https://bit.ly/MohdSuliman327


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