Start your Gold Savings Now!

Gold Accumulation Program (GAP) is a method of long-term Savings program at Public Gold which is backed by physical gold 100%. You can start accumulating your Gold as low as 1 gram or more every month. Practically, the GAP account is not only the easiest method to buy Gold at the moment but also Cheap and Shariah Compliant.

1. What is the Minimum Sum to Open a GAP Account?

Below is the requirement for the GAP Account:

  • Singapore-Malaysia MYR100 (SGD$50)
  • Indonesia Rp300,000

 The ‘Joint Account’ is required for children below 18 years old 

One Gold Dinar
Picture: Gold Saving Program - GAP as Low as 1gm Every Month
What is the Gold Accumulation Program?
It is a saving program where you can accumulate gold little by little every month. You can start with RM100 /1 gram or more every month. To make it easier to buy gold you can install Public Gold Apps for FREE by clicking the link below:
If you already have a PG Code, you can log in below: Username: PG001234567 Password: IC Number without (-) If you already registered but haven't made any purchases, you can log in using your IC Number below: Username: 6007023423 / S1290334H Password: same as above IC Number without (-) Then you can start buying gold as stated below:
1. Gold Accumulation Program (GAP)  

Click the "Gold Accumulation Program" button (see the above picture) to buy gold and keep it in the GAP Gold account. Watch the video tutorial on how to buy gold through the GAP account click the link below:

 2. Five (5) advantages of Gold Accumulation Program - GAP Account :

  Below are the 5 advantages that you will get with the Accumulation Gold Program.

  1. You can convert Your Money into Gold anytime.
  2. You buy Gold at a Low Price.
  3. Buy Gold online 24/7 without the need to go to the Gold Shop.
  4. The Company keeps Your Physical Gold and can be redeemed at any time.
  5. Sell back your gold to the Public Gold.

3. Is the GAP Program compliant with Shariah Compliant?

Public Gold GAP Account is the world's FIRST Shariah-compliant physical Gold Trading Company. You can read the Certificate below:

One Gold Dinar
Picture: Letter of Certificate Shariah Compliant on GAP


4. Consistently Convert Your Cash Into Gold.

If you're busy with your work, GAP is the easiest Gold Savings Program for you. You can buy the gold 24/7 without going to the Gold Shop. It is a very simple concept to:

"Convert Your Cash Into Gold"

Putting your Cash into Gold is a good habit, each time you get your paycheck or salary, the first thing you should do is set aside a portion (4% to 10%) of your earnings and convert it into gold for your wealth insurance.  Cash loses purchasing power dramatically over time, and with a global currency war and sovereign debt crisis just beginning, this threat is heightened

One Gold Dinar
Picture: Convert Your Cash Into Gold

5. Set Your Savings Target.

Throughout human history, gold has constantly emerged as an unparalleled form of savings, investment, and wealth preservation. Buy Gold is for long-term savings and investment such as:

  • Emergency fund (3–6 months of living expenses)
  • Preparation Getting Married
  • Down payment for a car
  • Down payment for a House
  • Your child’s education*
  • Dream Vacation
  • Planning for Umrah / Haj (Muslim)
  • Retirement Plan

To monitor your GAP Account log in to the Public Gold website. You should be able to see the GAP Account Statement.

One Gold Dinar

Picture: Monitor Your GAP Account from the Back Office

6. How to Redeem Your Physical Gold?

To redeem the Physical Gold from your GAP account in the form of a Gold Bar or Gold Dinar can be done during office hours by visiting Public Gold nearest Branch Offices i.e. (Singapore-Malaysia) and Indonesia.  You can make an arrangement by WhatsApp the Branch admin beforehand.

There are many choices from 1gm to 1kg Gold Bar and Gold Dinar Coins 1/2 Dinar, 1 Dinar, 5 Dinar, and 10 Dinar, etc.

One Gold Dinar

Picture: 1 gm Fine 999.9 24K Gold LBMA for a memorable gift to your loved ones

One Gold Dinar
Picture: 5gm to 1kg Gold Bar and Gold Dinar Coins 999.9 24K LBMA

*Important Note:

To stay active, a minimum of 1 gram must always remain in the GAP Account. This 1 gram can be redeemed or sold back to Public Gold when closing the GAP account.  However, a penalty charge will be imposed when re-open another GAP Account.

Product Premium will be applied when redeeming the Physical Bar see below:

Physical gold feels like real wealth. When you hold 100-gram gold bars in your hand, you intrinsically know that you are holding real wealth, gold that is scarce and that has been costly to produce. If you're ready to start the Gold Savings Program - GAP. Just CLICK HERE Now !!! 

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