Benefits of Buying Gold

There really are numerous benefits of owning physical gold such as:


1. Tangible Asset

If you want to invest your hard-earned money into something that you are able to see it, touch it, and you can easily transfer it from one party to another. Physical gold and silver is a timeless asset that will always have value and always lasts the test of time.

Look for gold and silver bars and coins. These items are real and sound investments. When you own the real thing, you have the power to instantly control the fate of your wealth. In these uncertain economic times of banking instability, low-interest rates, underperforming currency markets, volatile stocks, and repeated rounds of printing money, gold offers a welcome safeguard to the turbulence.

2. Safe Haven

After you convert your cash into gold you actually help your financial into:

  1. First, you have transferred your wealth into a more stable form of currency. The value of your money may go up or down, but your gold value are more stable.
  2. Second, and most importantly, the value of your gold will grow. The Ten 10 Years Gold Price (see below chart) gold increase by 233% another reasons why you must hold Gold for your long-term investment, 

 10 Years Gold Price

3, International Money

The story of  ‘Boat People of Vietnam’ had suffered from 1965 to 1975 because of the Vietnam War, tragedy for the people of Vietnam continued into 1978-79. When they leave their country they take along their Gold call Kim Thanh gold bullion "bars" or leaves to redeem their life savings in gold so that they could start a new business in other country.

Gold is international money and accepted as money across the world, with the highly liquid global market. Whichever city you are in across the world, you can always sell or trade your gold bars and gold coins. 

 Physical gold provides the ultimate insurance for your wealth against financial crisis in an underperforming wider economy.

Public Gold Singapore offer gold bar and coins with international standard with LBMA - London Bullion Market Association accredited and DMCC - Dubai Multi Commodities Control accredited.

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